Rotarians with FACEBOOK: As you know, we'll be holding our second annual Fun Run (or walk) to benefit Achievement Centers for Children (including Camp Cheerful) on Saturday, May 22, at Westfield SouthPark mall.

It is so simple.

In just about five minutes of your time, you can promote this event to thousands of people if you have a Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or similar social marketing account.

All you have to do is attach the following link to your account and let the networks do the rest: You can simple right-click the link, choose "copy link location", then paste it into Facebook.
What you can do: Check out the Run for Fun Web site itself to get more information. Or contact Dan Dreiling or Ann Marie LaPorta. We hope to get 1,000 runners/walkers to take a very small part of a Saturday morning - just an hour or two - for the benefit of kids with disabilities.