Parker Pennington got the April 16 meeting started with the Invocation and President Elect Jerry Balint, filling in for President Ron Mowry, led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Jerry said Father Bob Craig, off St. John Neumann
sent a letter of thanks to the club for its participation in the church's annual Lenten fish fry. The church donated $200 to the club.

Guests at the April 16 meeting included tutors from Strongsville High School. Brett Hutton, Zack Rooker, Erin Rucinski and Jessica Rovniak were joined by their advisor Mrs. Tara Brzuski. Bea Hovanek, who bought her granddaughter Layne along, introduced the students.

Katie Spotz, who rowed across the Atlantic to raise money to bring clean water to impoverished nations, will join us on April 30. She was the first American and the youngest person to row across the ocean. Bring in your boat and she'll sign it. The Strongsville Rotary Foundation will present Katie with $2,500 for her cause.

Past President Jim Karecki announced that the Strongsville VFW is offering scholarships to graduating seniors at Strongsville High School and Midpark High School (boo). The recipients will be students who are connected to somebody who has been in the service. See the application posted on the club's website if you know an eligible student.

A get well card was distributed for Jay Dzurilla who was in an accident on I-480. Jay is recovering.

Vice President Bruce "Old Man River" Keenen has the job of lining up meeting speakers for the 2010-2011 Rotary year. If you have any ideas for Bruce, let him know at

Sargeant at Arms: Ken Dooner was the only one of the Three Amigos in attendance. Ed Bond was recognized and fined for being named Sun Star-Courier Citizen of the Week and appearing on the front page in newspaper racks throughout the town. Linda Plain offered a Happy Buck for Ken Mehalko and his "Putting on the Glitz" show last weekend. John and Sandy Croft and embarking on a three-week Mediterranean cruise with Ron and Charlie Zivcsak. Jim and Brenda Jumpa are celebrating their 10th anniversary. Jim and Sylvia Karecki also are celebrating an anniversary. Leo Martins earned a Leadership Certificate at Cuyahoga Community College. Val Tocci is now the sales manager at Guardian Title. Laurie and Don Meister are celebrating their 23rd anniversary. Carol Dombrose enjoyed playing the clown fairy godmother at Putting on the Glitz. She sprinkled people with magic LeBron dust.

Queen of Hearts: The pot was worth $990 and the table ticket was worth $33. The winner drew a loser and the queen lives.