From Parker Pennington:

Help the Rotary find the spotlight in minutes through the social networking site, To sign up, go to the website. On the middle right side of the page, enter the information they ask for (i.e. email, name, etc). Then, once you finish with that, follow the instructions to set up your page. It is very simple and easy to navigate.

Once your page is established, you can begin searching for friends by typing their name into the search engine at the top of your page in the middle. On the right hand side of the page, you will begin seeing friend suggestions, from friends you have.

How this could help the Rotary

It will help the Rotary get noticed by many people whom we may normally not be able to reach out to. If every person who is in Rotary joined Facebook and had 100 friends (very easy to get this many quickly), then we would have about 1,500 people that could potentially see all the different things we do.

How you could help in the matter of minutes:

Post about any events the club will be having on your page to encourage people to support or attend. It will give you the opportunity to help the club network and it only takes a minute or two out of your day to post!

This really is a great tool for the Rotary to have since it is free marketing, so please help us connect with thousands across the nation in spreading our humanitarian efforts.

The Strongsville Rotary Facebook page now has 47 members. If you are a club member, or are just interested in keeping up with our activities, visit our page and become a member. If you are a club committee or event chairman, Facebook is one more way to reach thousands of people through viral networking.