The benefits of being a foreign exchange student is enhanced with each new experience and each new friend. Brenda Castelan, from Mexico, is making a very good transition to her new home with the Russ Smith family in Strongsville. She is doing well in school and mixing with her host family and other students.
Each Friday, we learn a little bit more about Brenda, but it is only a snippet of who she is, and does not offer a chance for her to get to know you. Club members are strongly encouraged to invite Brenda to an upcoming family activity, dinner, a movie, ball game, theater, playing cards, museum trip or to share a particular hobby, like an afternoon taking repeated trips through airport security.
To make plans to take Brenda out, please call host parents Russ Smith and Dr. Stephanie Sedlon at 440-846-8831, or Russ's cell phone at 440-846-8791. You need to contact one of the Host Parents prior to asking Brenda. This will avoid scheduling conflicts for them, Brenda and you. Their address is 9898 Lakeview Circle (Off of Webster on the north end of Strongsville). If you have any questions, contact Denny Daar.