Longtime Rotarian Joe Weber is a lifelong resident of Strongsville. He grew up on what is now Westwood Road, but back then it was called Depot Street - better known as Weber Road, since his was the only family who lived there.
Joe comes from a background of farmers and large families in Strongsville and Middleburg Heights. His mother's brother was known as the "Bean King" and served 14 years as the mayor of Middleburg Heights (and was my grandfather). When he graduated from Strongsville in 1955, there were 55 people in his class.

After being turned down for a job with Alcoa because he was "draft age," he enlisted in the Army. After using some innovative courting techniques, he married Pat almost 50 years ago and had five children, including Mike, another member of our club.

Joe worked for Eveready before starting his own business. Mobile Diagnostics did automobile diagnostics, but the company expanded into a repair service after General Electric hired Joe to service its fleet of 57 trucks. The company is now known as Weber and Son, and it operated by Mike.

After his other son developed kidney disease, Joe gave him one of his kidneys. Twelve years later, when the kidney gave out, Pat gave him one of hers.

Bill Schaffran and Jeff Peacock convinced Joe to join Rotary and he was immediately impressed by the kindhearted members of the club. Joe is in charge of the club's annual scholarship program.