The Rotary Club of Strongsville Puts Boots & Life on the Ground to Help Ukrainians!

Thanks to everyone in the community who donated to our fund, which has raised over $60,000 so far.  Money has already been wired into Poland to assist there, and Pat and Brian are assessing further needs.
Update from Brian:
From Warsaw to Częstochowa to Krakow, we are accomplishing our mission in Poland 🇵🇱
Our trip has been a very humbling experience thus far. It is overwhelming to see the look on the refugees’ faces: terrified, uncertain, fear, and the look of “what next” from the children.
At our Rotary meeting in Częstochowa, we heard Alina’s story, a 13-year old Ukrainian refugee who escaped with her grandmother. (Pictured below) Alina and her grandmother walked for over 16 hours to get to safety in Poland. The Częstochowa Rotary group has taken her and other refugees into their care. Provided food, job, loving home and stability. The power of Rotary and the human heart is amazing!
As we reflect on her story, We are so blessed to be in America. We should not take our liberties for granted. ❤️
Update: Medical supplies and donations delivered to our Polish Rotary groups. The funds will be used for a much needed ambulance, medical supplies and family refugee support.
Everything here is very well organized and running smoothly. The refugees are well taken cared for and provided many of their needs. Many of whom are returning to their families in Ukraine.
We continue on our way to provide goodwill. ❤️ Highly encouraged by the Polish Rotary groups, Pat and I are on a tour today to visit Auschwitz, Birkenau, and the Oskar Schindler Factory.
Thank you everyone for the overwhelming support and prayers. We could not do what we are doing without you all! God bless! 🇵🇱🇺🇦
Pat from his days with the Strongsville Fire Department
Retired (32 Years) Strongsville Firefighter, Pat Greco and long-time Strongsville resident and businessman Brian Krusz, both Strongsville Rotary members, are heading to Poland with a check from the Strongsville Rotary Foundation in hand. They are not only going to deliver the money, they are also going make sure it gets to wherever it is needed the most.

In addition, Pat will be using his training as a firefighter however it is needed; whether it’s for medical triage or to simply help hand out food and water. “I see everything they’re dealing with over there and I just want to help in any way I can” says Greco. Krusz a former Marine Sergeant will use his military and business experience to help wherever it’s needed. “I saw Pat was stepping up to help and I couldn’t let him go alone, knowing I had plenty to offer too.” Says Krusz, the owner of the Sgt. Clean car washes in town.


Brian Krusz from his days in the Marines
On top of everything he is going to do while (7-10days) he is there, Brian and Pat are personally footing the bill for their travel!
Everyone in the Rotary Club participated in a collection to be able to help. Pat and Brian’s willingness to go in person, and to use their training and skills takes those donations to a whole new level. Did we mention Pat may be putting his life on the line? When asked about putting his life on the line, Pat says “I’m trying to prepare for any scenario and hoping for the best.”

As of this writing, the members have pooled together $4,000, but they would like to send even more. If you would like to contribute you can make a tax-deductible donation to the Strongsville Rotary Foundation at, every dollar will go directly to help the Ukranian people.  Donations received by April 6 will be sent with Pat and Brian.  Donations received afterwards will be sent after they return.