Our club is working to help students while looking to encourage increased involvement in our related Rotaract and Interact Clubs.
Under the direction of Vocational Service and New Generations Director Paul Psota,the club is getting involved in the ASAP Program at Strongsville High School. So far, Paul has lined up 14 speakers who will talk to students in the ASAP program about various life topics. The goal is to get one or two speakers a month as well as to host a monthly lunch for the students.

ASAP is a comprehensive alternative learning program addressing academic, social, behavioral and vocational needs in a less restrictive setting. It serves students in grades nine through twelve who have been identified with a wide range of special education needs including behavioral, social and emotional needs. Students who are placed in ASAP have been unsuccessful in traditional special education programming and demonstrate one or more of the following concerns: aggressive behavior, truancy, school phobia, significantly disruptive behavior, depression and/or withdrawn behavior, intense negative self-concept issues, inappropriate social skills, lack of social contacts, academic failure.

Speakers are also being sought to address students in the middle school anti-bullying program. If you're interesting in being a speaker in this program, contact Lena Knight.

The Rotaract Club, a Rotary affiliate for college aged students, expects to participate in our club's annual Christmas Shoe Box project for the needy. The Rotaract was scheduled to meet on September 19.