* Food Bank Friday. Tomorrow's meeting, May 6, is the first in May. That means members should bring food to donate to the Strongsville Food Bank.

* Kevin Krencisz gave the Invocation to start the April 29 meeting of the Rotary Club of Strongsville. President Jerry Balint led the Pledge of Allegiance.

* Volunteers are needed for the club's Fun Run fundraiser on Saturday, May 21. The "Predict your Time" 5K Run4Fun will benefit Boys Hope Girls Hope of Northeastern Ohio.
Volunteer signup sheets are available on the tables at the club meetings. "Predict your Time" means you can be as slow as molasses and still win this thing. You predict how long it will take you to run the course - whoever finishes closest to their predicted time wins. Get more information at the Run4Fun website. Oh yeah, if you know any runners, tell them about this event.

* Ashley Gay, Welcoming Committee chair, thanked those who attended the club's CPR training class in April. The next CPR training class will be held Saturday, May 7. And just to be sure that we have lots more candidates for emergency CPR, a club social event will be held on Tuesday, May 10, at Buffalo Wild Wings in Strongsville, over by Walmart. Ashley also thanked the people who donated items for our club's gift basket, which was raffled off at the Rotary District 6630 Conference last weekend. The "Savor the Flavor" themed basket contained more than $500 worth of valuable items - generally alcohol related.

* If you plan to attend the club's annual Installation Banquet on June 3, get your RSVP cards to President-Elect Bruce Keenen ASAP. He needs a head count and he needs to know how many folks will be eating salmon, how many will be eating beef and how many will be eating crow. Personally, my wife Amy was ready to mark the box for chicken, but there ain't no chicken this year. What's up with that? And that's somehow my fault. So far she's okay wth the beef, so I won't need to find a date for that night....I have a feeling I'll be the one eating crow.

* Rotarian and former Strongsville Mayor Dale Finley was recognized on Wednesday, May 5, for his contributions to the city. The event was held at Angel House.

* Saturday morning, May 14, is the day of our annual mulch spreading at the Strongsville Historical Village. Show up around 8:30 and we should be finished by 11:30. For questions, contact Tom Gigliotti.

* Policy note. The member directory of the Strongsville Rotary Club is to be used only for Rotary business. The Board of Directors has been working on and probably will soon approve a privacy document regarding this matter. The only club members who have access to the Clubrunner email launcher are directors, officers, committee chairs and hackers.

* Another policy note. According to Rotary International rules, the Rotary Wheel logo may not be used on club literature or promotional materials unless it is accompanied by "Rotary Club of Strongsville." The logo without the local disclaimer implies that the event is officially sanctioned by Rotary International.