Rick Voigt was named Rotarian of the Decade at the club's meeting on July 2. Rick, a past president who has headed up the building of Strongsville Safety Town and has played a lead role in the Chili Open, the Dictionary Project and numerous other projects, was presented with an award by Don Fernald, who was honored as the club's Rotarian of the Decade in 2000.
District 6630 Gov. Stew Buchanan recognized Fernald, a former Strongsville Rotarian who now lives in Florida, as the first club member to reach the $10,000 level in contributions to The Rotary International Foundation.

Don accepted the award, but said it "paled in comparison" to his recognition as Rotarian of the Decade, then announced Rick as the latest Rotarian of the Decade. Rick's father, Don Voigt, who also has surpassed the $10,000 mark in contributions to the Rotary Foundation, was in attendance.

Stew, who later shared a slide show of Rotary Zone 29's recent trip to Haiti, noted that it is important to "be a Rotarian; not just a member of the club."