For years,Image  the Strongsville Emergency Food Bank has been operating from a Board of Education annex building at Center Middle School. With plans to raze the building to make way for a new middle school, the Food Bank, which serves more than 200 families a month, is in need of a new home.

The Strongsville Rotary Club, with a $50,000 contribution from our Strongsville Rotary Foundation, is stepping up with plans to build a new Food Bank on city property behind the Strongsville Communications Center. The project will be the club's first major building project since we built Safety Town in 2006. The Food Bank Committee had its first meeting on Thursday, August 8.

Kevin Lynch (in photo), one of the club's two directors for Community Service, said club volunteers are being saught to serve on five sub-committees: Community Relations, Media, Building & Construction, Fundraising and Club Participation.
Out club has had a long association with the Food Bank. The first Friday of each month is Food Bank Friday. Club members are asked to bring a canned good or a side of beef to the meetings on those days. Our annual Savor the Flavor event, which is coming up on Sunday, October 13, raises money for the Food Bank.
If you have any question about this project, contact Kevin or President Brian Kiplinger.

And speaking of builders:
The homeowner was delighted with the work his builder did on his brand new sunroom.
“You did a wonderful job,” he said, handing the builder a check for the work. “Also, in order to thank-you, here’s an extra $80 to take the missus out to dinner and a movie.”
Later that night, the doorbell rang and it was the builder. Curious about why he came back, the man asked, “What’s the matter? Did you forget something?”
“No.” replied the builder. “I’m here to pick up your wife like you asked me to.”