The Rotary Club of Strongsville Gives $7,000 in Scholarships to Strongsville High Students

Seven Students who are part of the Leadership-Connections Program at Strongsville High School were awarded $7,000 in scholarships. On Friday morning, May 6th students, along with teacher Mike Rodak, attended the weekly Rotary Meeting held at the Senior Center.
A group of people standing in front of a displayDescription automatically generated with medium confidenceStudents who attended were introduced by Mike Rodak, who has guided them through the program, told a little about them and their initial meeting in the program, then each student had the opportunity to share their story about how they have grown with the help of the Connections program and how Mr. Rodak has helped guide them through some of the challenges they’ve faced. 
All of the students did a great job handling the daunting task of standing in front of 75 people they’ve never met before for and giving a speech about themselves, their high school journey and the program. They definitely held the room as you could hear a pin drop during their presentations. 
The theme from all of them was about how being part of the leadership program had a positive impact on their high school years and what they plan to do after high school.
Every year the Rotary Club of Strongsville hands out 5 scholarships to graduating seniors from the program. This year due to members of the club stepping up with additional donations the club was able to fund two additional scholarships. This is in addition to $16,000 in other scholarships the club hands out to Strongsville Students, not in the Leadership program.
The club looks forward to hearing directly from the students every year, getting to see and meet the students they will be giving the scholarships to, some Rotarians even commenting “it’s our favorite meeting of the year”.