The Rotary Club of Strongsville supports the Connections program at the Strongsville High School.  The May that include helping with a mulching project, supporting the awards banquet, and a trip to the zoo.  Pictures below.  Here is part of the address Mike Rodak made at the banquet:
Before we recognize this year’s recipients, I want to thank the Rotary Club……..
The title of this award reads, “Service Above Self”.  It is representative of an individual that shows a certain empathy toward others, and it’s more than just classmates.  The individual earning this award for 2020-2021 school year displays this empathy and genuine concern for others.  I have personally witnessed this person sharing how hard it was for him to see his dad mourn the death of his father.  I have had conversations with this person where concern was shown for his sister and younger siblings.  On the plaque is also engraved recognition for the category of earning a 3.5 GPA, which in itself is impressive, but even more impressive because it is for the 3rd Quarter -which traditionally is when students do their worst.  “Extra curricular dedication” is also engraved on the plaque, showing the willingness to dedicate one’s self to a team, to teammates and sacrifice your comfort and time for a greater cause - even for 6am workouts, and then staying after school for workouts also.  This person has made huge strides in maturity and personal pride and self evaluation, while always taking the time to help classmates.  This year’s recipient is a perfect image of the Rotary.  A professional and successful group of individuals that knows when to work and how to have fun, all while showing concern and  helping others.  This  year’s “Service Above Self” recipient is……

Pictures from the Connections Award Banquet

Rotary "Service Above Self" Award winner Faisal Hassan receiving his award from Mike Rodak
Rotary "Service Above Self" Award winner Faisal Hassan with Rotarians Jay Dzurilla, Liz Rowan, and Colton Rompala
Rotarians serving lunch at the banquet
Rotarians serving lunch at the banquet

Mulching / Zoo Pictures

Students working at the mulching project
Student at the mulching project
Mike Rodak supervising mulching project.
Strongsville Rotary President-Elect Colton Rompala with the Connections Program Zoo Trip