The Rotary Club of Strongsville sponsored the Strongsville High School's Connection Program Alumni Reward Luncheon on Feb 25th, 2022.


Connections is a "Career Based Academic Intervention Program", designed to be a support structure for students presently experiencing a lack of success in the formal academic environment.  The annual Alumni Reward Luncheon provides an opportunity for the community to recognize the achievements of students in the program.  The Rotary Club of Strongsville provided the lunch at J Bella.
The keynote speaker was Chelsea Gorfido, Class of 2011, who shared her experiences in the program, and in the years since graduating, where she is now a certified payroll professional.
Special Recognitions were presented by:

Bill Wingler - Principal - "Attendance"
Brian Krusz - Rotary - "Passed all Classes"
Eric Kassel - Assistant Principal - " Participation"
Dan Cricks - Rotary - "3.0 Club"
Faye Trepke - Community Support - "Kindness"
Gayle Tomson - Optimist Club - "Smiles"
Chris Reynolds - Program Support - "Dialed In"