In cooperation with the Young Conservative Club of Strongsville High School, Strongsville Rotarians are being asked to donate snack foods and health and wellness items for our troops stationed overseas. The drive is coordinated through the NASA Glenn Research Center's Veterans Awareness Committee, participating with the Northeast Ohio USO.
High school students Nick Ridson and Brian Thomas were on hand to explain the project, which is being coordinated on our end by Paul Richards and Alice Frawley.

Bring your items to our next two meetings for collection. All of the school buildings in Strongsville also have drop-off boxes.

Some ideas of what's needed: deodorant, mouthwash (travel size and no glass), Chapstick,
Toilet paper (travel size) and similar items. And don't forget snack items like tuna, Vienna sausages, Tea Party tea bags, and, there are NEVER enough Slim Jims and beef jerky.

Of course, you can always donate cash as well.

For more details, see the poster on the club's website.