This month marks the 33rd anniversary of the Rotary Club of Strongsville. In celebration, Missy, of the kitchen staff, loaded up each table with cupcakes.

The club was chartered by the Berea and Parma Rotary clubs, Dick Kiplinger said. Dick noted that four of the club's charter members are still with us: Dick, President Jerry Balint, Dr. Art Basa and Dr. Jeff Peacock.
The first officers were Harry Fuehrer, president; Dick Lester, vice president; Ted Mayo, secretary; and Dick Kiplinger, treasurer. Larry Dunn was the sergeant at arms.

The program from Charter Night, April 29, 1978, can be viewed here.
Rev. Joe Santomen noted that the club had two Protestant ministers as members since 1986. He made an effort to bring in a Catholic priest but it didn't work out.

"We are not a religious organization, but we do the kinds of activities that a church would approve of," Joe said.