Posted on Nov 09, 2018
The Rotary Club of Strongsville helps the Strongsville High School CBI Program get upgraded furniture for their classroom with the support of National Office.

Strongsville High School CBI Program has built strong bonds with the community. Each fall, they kick off their school year with an outdoor Leadership Conference sponsored by the Strongsville Rotary. The mayor, superintendent and other business partners join at the local park for a day of food, fun and team building activities. The Rotary also sponsors the program’s semester 1 “Alumni Reward Lunch”, buys the students T-shirts, and an occasional pizza or snack when they accompany the students on one of their field trips. Brad Nudell from the Rotary shares, “partnering with this program has been an honor for our club and we are happy to help provide unique learning opportunities for the students.” The CBI program also partners with the Optimist Club, who reserves a banquet room and lunch to host the program’s “Year End Banquet”.

Last fall, Brad and the Rotary made it their mission to upgrade the classroom for the students. Through networking in their club, they realized that one of their members insured National Office. CEO Greg Schneider jumped at the opportunity to help out and personally measured the room and discussed options. National Office donated 6 tables (whiteboard topped) to the classroom for the project. Greg also recorded the manufacturing of the tables from blueprint to delivery.  The partnership with National Office will provide a ton of authentic learning opportunities for the students. The Rotary purchased the chairs for the project.

“In today’s work environment, standing-height desks/tables, marker boards, and collaborative furniture are specified because it changes the way people think. When you sit all day, not just is your body static, but your mind is static. By providing unique furniture, it allows people to expand their minds and think productively. Students will benefit greatly with a more flexible classroom environment. After learning about the Connections Program at Strongsville High School, I knew the marker board tables at sitting and standing heights would help the students to thrive.”
-Greg Schneider, CEO National Office