Strongsville Rotary Foundation

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Strongsville Rotary Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that provides a financial "foundation" and back-up for the Strongsville Rotary Club. The Foundation provides funds to local and international Rotary projects in addition to the Club's charitable activities. The Foundation is lead by seven Trustees, including the past three presidents of the Rotary Club of Strongsville, and four directors elected by members of the Rotary Club of Strongsville. In addition, in 2014/2015 the Foundation added a nine member Advisory Board of active Club members and past Presidents who have special skills and an interest in the growth of the Foundation.

Foundation projects include community projects like Safety Town, the Amphitheatre at the Backyard Preserve, City Welcome signs, the Strongsville Soccer Fields, Camp Cheerful High Ropes, Old City Hall, the VFW War Memorial, the New Food Bank, the New South West General Hospital Emergency Room, Savor-the-Flavor Wine Pull, student scholarships and many others.

Club members who are Paul Harris Fellows and who contribute $1,000 to the Strongsville Rotary Foundation, become Harry Fuehrer Fellows. The fellowship was named for the first president of the Rotary Club of Strongsville. Members may also support the Foundation by designating Club Service and new member awards; and by designating the Foundation in Wills and Insurance Policies. 

Current Foundation Trustees are:
1. Bruce Keenen (past club president) Through June 2015
2. Manjit Khuban (past club president) Through June 2016
3. Brian Kiplinger (past club president) Through June 2017
4. Dale Finley- Through June 2014
5. Jennifer McCoy - Through June 2015
6. Bill Matthews - Through June 2014
7. Rick Voigt - Through June 2015