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A cultural and historical overview of Catholicism
Jan 21, 2022 7:25 AM
The perfect Brew
Jan 28, 2022 7:25 AM
Bee Keeping and it's benefits for Veterans with PTSD
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Queen of Hearts

Sheila Dunn's table won the The Queen of Hearts drawing and drew the Queen.  They are responsible for putting up the banners and selling tickets next meeting in the new year.  There is a brand new deck.

Coronivirus Surge

Due to the current surge in infections we have asked the senior center to have tables set for four, which will allow people to have more space at each table, and we recommend wearing a mask when not eating.
In addition if you are not comfortable meeting in person please contact Rob Simon to request a Leave of Absence which will last for the period of the surge.  You won't be charged for the breakfast, and we can adjust the seating appropriately.

Grant Management Seminars

Do be eligible for matching grants from the Rotary District or International we need two people to attend a grant management seminar.  Scott Maloney will be attending.  The closest location will be 6pm on March 1st at the Middleburg Height Public Library.  If you are able to attend please reach out.

Honduras School Update

Our Strongsville Rotary Foundation sent a check for $6,000 that had been donated to support the school.  Pat Greco will be heading to Honduras on Saturday.  Stay tuned for the full story.

Prize Vault Update

The prize vault drawing was held Friday night at Slim and Chubbys, and the lucky winner was Kelly Rose, Jerry Balint's daughter.
The vault was hand delivered to Columbus where she lives.
Thank you to everyone who participated and bought or sold tickets.  Preliminary numbers are that we sold $12,745 of tickets, and made about $6,600 to help fund our projects this year.
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