Jul 29, 2022
Rotary District 6630 Update
Aug 05, 2022
Rocky River Watershed Council
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Queen of Hearts

Manny Garcia's table won the The Queen of Hearts drawing.  They are responsible for putting up the banners and selling tickets this week.  The Queen is worth $660, and there are 30 cards left.

Speaker Ideas

John Turnbull will be the program chair for the meetings starting July 1st.  If you have any ideas for a good speaker please reach out to John.


Thanks to Tom Laub for donating a bike, and Scott Maloney of Century Cycles for his help in getting a bike for the women who had no means of transportation that Bob Schmieler had made a request for the previous week.
Upcoming Events
Foundation Board Meeting
Jul 21, 2022
Senior Picnic 2022
Jul 29, 2022
5:45 PM – 8:00 PM
Strongsville Senior Center
Aug 27, 2022
4:00 PM – 8:00 PM
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Member Recognition

Last week Ashley recognized Neal Klabunde for his work on the print newsletter, Carrie Weise for her efforts with social media for StrongFest, and cousins Pete and Jamie Nixon for working overtime at the Pita Tent.


The event will benefit the Town Center Initiative in addition to other Rotary projects throughout the year.  The Town Center Initiative will enhance the center of Strongsville, and provide a better space for events like StrongFest in years to come.
In addition to online ticket sales paper tickets will be available at the meeting if you want some that you can sell.  Please see John Turnbull at the meeting, or email him.
If you are on Facebook visit the event page at mark yourself "Going" or "Interested", and share the event and invite your friends.  
If you know any potential sponsors, reach out to Bill DeMarco.


Our speaker was Krista Allison, Ms Wheelchair Ohio 2022.  Krista has a bachelor's in criminal justice, and a master's degree in management and public administration from the University of Phoenix.
Krista was born with Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disorder, which is a rare neuropathy, and there are approximately 6,000 people worldwide with the variant she has.
She was able to walk until she was 22 years old when she got pregnant, and six months into the pregnancy lost her ability to walk, and was paralyzed from the neck down for a while, but regained some strength after a couple of years.
When she finally came to terms with having the disease she came across the Ms Wheelchair competition, and decided that was something she wanted to do.  Ms Wheelchair is not a pageant, but based on advocating efforts of disabled women.  She will be attending the national competition next week (stay tuned for a link to vote for her).
She volunteers with Youth Challenge, and also advocates for accessibility when not working at her job.  Accommodations range from accessible playgrounds, for example in Brunswick and the new one planned for the Strongsville Town Center, to much simpler things like bathroom doors that open out, so people in a wheelchair and enter and close the door behind them.